Creating new project in unity hub

 Starting Unity Hub

Unity hub is a standalone software to download unity editors and manage them creating new projects and managing existing ones and to manage you licence and for learning and much more. 
Now just take look at some features of unity hub

Creating New Projects

To create a new project in unity hub just follow following steps.

Open unity hub
Click on new tab in projects tab a title bar of installed editor version will be show to select editor version
Creating a new project in unity

choosing different editor version while creating new unity project
Different editor version while creating new unity project.

After selecting unity editor version a new dialog of creating project appear
here write name of your project and choose location where you want to save your project and choose template of your game like 2d , 3d or High Definition RP.

Creating a new game in unity hub window

Just click on create and your project will be created.

Basic introduction to unity hub

Project Tab

In Project tab you can find all you projects that hub is managing and you can add a project by clicking add button from your computer and new to create new project. 
Projects tab in unity hub

Learn Screen Tab

In learn tab you will find various sample projects with tutorial to learn basic concepts


In this tab you will find example projects that you can import into unity.All projects contains tutorial to complete them and learn unity concepts.
learn tab in unity hub

By clicking on any project you will see download and tutorial button to download project and see tutorial
downloading example project in unity hub

Tutorials Tab

Tutorial tab deals with basic of unity editor interface and main development tool

Tutorials tab in unity hub

just click on any tutorial to show tutorial

Tutorials tab in unity hub

Now click on view tutorial to see tutorial.


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