How to install unity editor

Unity Hub

You can use the Hub to:

  1. You can manage your Unity account and Editor licenses.
  2. Ypu can create your Project, associate a default version of the Unity Editor with the Project, and manage the installation of multiple versions of the Editor.
  3. you can launch different versions of Unity from your Project view.
  4. Manage and select Project build targets without launching the Editor.
  5. Run two versions of Unity at the same time. Note that to prevent local conflicts and other odd scenarios, you should only open a Project in one Editor instance at a time.
  6. You can add components to existing installations of the Editor. When you download a version of the Editor through Unity Hub, you can find and add additional components (such as specific platform support, Visual Studio, offline docs and Standard Assets) either during initial install or at a later date.
  7. Use Project Templates to jump-start the creation process for common Project types. Unity’s Project Templates provide default values for common settings when you create a new Project. Project Templates preset batches of settings for a target game type or level of visual fidelity. 

Unity hub download page

Click download unity hub if you are just individual person or buy a plus or pro version.
feel free to download free version because you will get all core unity feature in free version.

After downloading install it and open unity hub  then create a unity id and now you can download unity editor

Installing Unity Editor

In unity hub click on install 
installing unity editor

here you will find all installed unity version.
To install a unity version just click on add
adding unity editor

a list of editor version will be appear just select whatever version you want
selecting unity editor version

select unity version and click next to install

add modules in unity editor

select modules whatever you need and click next 
it will ask for some use licence term just agree and click next
end user licence term in unity editor

after that installation process start.
unity editor installation process started

It will take some time to install editor.

For detail information visit video

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