navigation and picking tools of Scene View in unity editor

The Scene View

The Scene view is your interactive world that we create. We can use scene view to select and position camera, character, lights and other gameObjects. Dealing with gameObjects is first skill that you learn.
scene view of unity editor

Scene View Navigation

The Scene view has many navigation to move quickly around scene and these are following

Scene Gizmo

Scene Gizmo appears at the top right corner in scene view. It has conical arms with label x, y, and z.
You can toggle perspective view on or off 
scene gizmo in unity editor

 In 2D mode Gizmo does not appear because you only have xy plane to navigate.

Moving , orbiting and zooming in scene view

For navigation in scene view moving, orbiting and zooming are key operations. Unity provide many tools for it.

1. Arrow Movement -  You can use arrow key to move around scene view. Arrow up and down key are used for moving forward and backward as scene is and left and right arrow use to move left and right side. You can use shift key to move fast.

2. Hand tool - You can select hand tool from toolbar or can press Q key from keyboard. hand tool has following mouse controls
a. Move - click and drag to move around scene.
b. Orbit - hold alt(windows) or option (mac) and left click to pivot the scene view.
c.Zoom - hold alt (windows) or option (mac) and right click then drag to zoom in and out.
you can use shift to increase speed of zooming and moving around scene.
You can focus on a gameObject by just clicking shift+F.

Selecting GameObjects

Following are some method to select gameObjects

1. Click on gameObjects in scene view to select it. and you can use shift key to select multiple gameObjects at same time.
2. You can also select gameObjects by selecting in hierarchy window and can use shift key to select all gameObjects between two.
3. To add or remove gameObjects from selection use ctrl (windows) or command (macOS).

Scene picking controls

Scene picking controls are very useful when you are dealing with scene having too many gameObjects
and you want to arrange them. You can temporary block particular gameObject to being selected to prevent accidental editing.

toggling pickability in unity editor

click on gameObject's pickability icon in hierarchy window  for enabling and disabling picking of gameObjects and its children. It will affect parent as well as children gameObjects.
 press Alt + click on gameObject will pick only selected and does not effect its children GameObjects.

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