The Toolbar in Unity editor interface

The Toolbar is present at the top of unity editor. It is the only unity editor interface that can not be rearrange.

The Toolbar window in unity editor

The Toolbar consist of several controls related to different part of unity editor.

transformation toolbox in toolbar

It is used for the transformation in scene view. First tool in the toolbar is Hand tool is used to pan around scene view. You can also select it by just pressing Q key from keyboard.

Second tool is Move tool which is used to move gameobjects in scene view you can select it by just pressing W key in keyboard.

Third tool is used to rotate objects in scene view and to access it press E key.

Forth one is for scaling gameObjects and can be accessed by pressing key R.

Last fifth and sixth are rect transform and transform tool can be accessed by T & Y key respectively.

pivot and global tool in unity editor this tool is use to toggling the transform gizmo effect in scene view

play, pause and step button in unity editor these buttons are use for playing , pausing and stepping game in game view.

unity collaborate button in unity editor By clicking collab from dropdown it will launch Unity collaborate for accessing projects from team members.

cloud button in unity editor When you click on cloud button it will open Unity Services Window.

account button in unity editor You can access your account by clicking on account drop down. and you will find your account related information.

 From layer drop down menu you can control which object should appear in scene view and you can also edit layers by clicking on edit layers

 You can manage arrangement of  windows in unity editor you can same current arrangement or can revert to factory reset or default in layout drop down..

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