Unity's interface - basic introduction to unity editor

 This post will provide most basic window of unity editor

unity editor interface

1. The Toolbar provide most essential working features for dealing with gameObjects transformation or navigation in scene view.

toolbar in unity editor

It also contain play,pause and step controls and also contains buttons for unity cloud services , unity collaborate and your unity account.

It  contain layer visibility menu and layout menu to control layout

2. The Hierarchy Window is a text representation of gameObjects in scene view and it deal with how gameobjects are connected to each other.

You can make a gameobject child or parent of other gameobject by dragging a gameobject into other and can also change visibility of gameObjects.

hierarchy window in unity editor
3. The Scene View is a visual reprentation of your game scene. in scene view you can edit and arrange your gameobjects. Scene view can be 2d or 3d whatever project you are creating and you can change it in orthographic or perspective view.
It is an interactive world that you create and it is first basic step to know in game development.
scene view in unity editor

4. The Game View will render you final game through your camera attach in scene when you click on play button. It have different tools like screen resolution or aspect ratio , Gizmo menu and other menus.

game view in unity editor

5. The Inspector Window allow you to edit properties of currently selected gameObjects these properties will varies with gameobjects because each game object have different properties.

It is also use to inspect you script, assets, material, prefabs, and audio clips.

You can add and remove game components of a gameObject in inspector window

inspector window in unity editor

6. The Project Window contains all of your assets that your game contain and when you import an asset it will appear hrere. project window is by default open but you can open by navigating windows > general > project.

project window of unity editor

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