how to create a script in unity editor

 Script is life of a game. Script allow you to control you gameObjects as you want. Unity support C# programming language (called as C-Sharp). From this post we will learn scripting in unity. and first part of learning is creating a script so now start creating script. There are some way of creating script let's take a look.
1. You can create a new script by navigating Assets > Create > C# Script  

creating script in unity editor

as you click on C# Script a new script will be created in project panel with a name newMonobehaviorScript to rename you have to give a name to script whatever you want.

created script in project panel of unity editor

2.  You can also create a script by clicking on plus(+) icon in top left corner of project panel and 
creating a c# script in unity editor by project panel

click C# Script to create a new script when you click c# script it will prompt to rename it.
creating c# script

3. There is a other way of creating a script in unity by right clicking in project panel and then clicking C# Script will create a new script.

These are some way of creating a script now let take a look what a script contain. By double clicking on the script it will be opened in visual studio code editor or whatever how set in Edit > Preferences > External tools. 

opened C# script in visual studio code

 Scripts are attached a component to gameObjects so to see working of a script need to attach to a gameObject. 

You must take care that script name and class name should exactly match.
Our script already contains to function Start() and Update(). 

Start() :- Start function will run only once when a scene is loaded.

Update() :- Update function run at each frame mean it will run several time in a second so to use a oher function  in game you have to call it in Update function. 


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