Scene Visibility in unity editor

You can hide or show gameObjects by Unity scene visiblity it is very useful in creating complex scenes where it is difficult to see specific gameObjects.

In the above image you will find an icon look like eye at very beginning of each gameObject in hierarchy window. You can hide or GameObject in scene view by by just clicking on that eye.

if you click on a parent gameObject to hide it will also hide its all child object.
You will see three type eye 
1. One which is fully visible eye that show GameObject is visible.
2. Second in which eye is crossed that show gameObject is hided in scene view.
3. Third in which there is  a point at lower end of eye which means one or more child gameObject is hided.

 Scene View Control Bar

You can control your game audio and lighting enabled and various other options of scene view. These controls affect only game in editor and does not affect build game.

Scene View control bar in unity editor

Now we will discus all menus one by one

Draw Mode Menu

First one drop down is used how you want to see your scene. 

draw mode in scene view control bar
as you click on draw mode menu following options will be visible.

draw mode menu in unity editor

Shading mode

Shaded - In these options first one is shaded which show all textures that are rendering and visible.
Wireframe - It will show wireframe representation of all mesh means it will not going to show textures instead it show only lines of the mesh like structure.
Shaded Wireframe - it contains both textures and wireframe in scene.


Shadow Cascades - It will show highlighted area affecting by direction light.
Render Paths -  it will show rendering path for each GameObject with a color code Blue indicates deferred shading, Green indicates deferred lighting, Yellow indicates forward rendering and Red for vertex lighting.

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