How much money you can earn from a game

 Gaming industry have grown significant in last few years. A single game earn from single dollar ($1) to $2 billion per year. Gaming industry is not as simple as every one say or imagine. There are about 3 million apps in google play store and 2 million apps in apple app store. so every app or game have to compete with millions apps. For getting a good earning from a game you must work hard, create unique game,  and you also be lucky.

Lets a look how much a game can earn. Game earning depends on many factor number of daily active player, player location and how much time they spend on your game. You should never estimate game earning by download because downloads and active users both are different most of the user uninstall game and it still be counted in downloads.

Case study of a game earning with 100k installs 

Lets take a look at game earning with 100k installs and have 60k active users and have around 5k DAU(daily active user / player which player your game per day). and 2 video ad impressions a showing per user then you have 5k * 2  = 10k impressions per day. 
there are two major case of earning according to player geography

Case 1 :- if your mostly users are from tier 1 countries (developed countries like US, UK) then your eCPM (earning per 1k impression) is about $4 then your earning will be 10 * $4 = $40 per day and $40 * 30 = $1200 per months which are quit good.
Case 2 :- in other case if your mostly users are from tier 2 countries (developing countries like India, Nepal etc) then your eCPM (earning per 1k impression) is about $0.7 then your earning will be 10 * $0.7 = $7 per day and $7 * 30 = $210 per months 

Now you can understand that geography (country) of players have greater impact on you revenue. if you have players in developed countries then revenue is about $1200 and in case of developing countries is only about $210. So can understand that developed countries revenue is about 5x more than developing countries. hope you understand.

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