Difference between unity personal and unity plus/pro/enterprise

 Unity is a great tool to create games for different platform with single code. Unity have paid and free version.

Unity personal

If you are a hobbyist or have low financial condition then unity personal is for you. It is completely free for creating games and you can earn money with it but it have only one condition that your organization (you) should not have earned more then $100k in last 12 months which is quit high. 

Features of unity personal

  • Core unity engine for game development
  • all editor versions including beta versions.
  • all platform build support.
  • Bolt visual scripting
  • You can use unity ads and unity in app purchase in your game

limitation of unity personal

  • organization revenue should not greater then $100k in last 12 months (including funding and other sources)
  • Unity branding in splash screen.
  • Don't have source code access.

Unity subscriptions

If your revenue or funding greater then $100k  in last 12 months then you have purchase a subscription. Unity offer three different subscriptions plans according to your need these are as follows

1. Unity plus - unity offer a plus subscription at $399/year per seat for more functionality and resources which are

  • increase revenue or funding limit from $100k to $200k. if your revenue is less then $200k in last 12 months you can use plus subscription.
  • it include all unity personal features
  • In plus subscripting you can remove unity branding in splash screen.
  • integration with collaboration tools
  • advance cloud diagnostics
  • core analytics

2. Unity pro - if earning or funding greater then $200k in last 12 months then you have to purchase unity pro. this subscription is for professionals at price $1,800/year per seat and unlock most of features and restrictions

  • include all Unity plus features
  • Unlimited revenue or funding
  • have source code access.
  • priority access to unity success  advisers
3. Unity Enterprise - This subscription is for large industries having minimum 10 seats and price is $2,000/month per 10 seats.
  • Have all features and supports that unity have.
  • industry specific solution toolkit for creating game
  • enterprise learn live sessions


Unity allow all core features in unity personal. There is only one major restriction for subscriptions in revenue for funding if your organization have funding less then $100k in last 12 months then its ok to use free version. if revenue greater the $100k then you must purchase paid subscription according to your need.

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